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Genuinely Penned

Add real-ink handwriting font to your Thank You Programand watch your response rates soar!!

“Genuinely Penned” Handwriting Font – use our exclusive patented personalized font application for handwritten signatures or for a personalized PS to the donor. It looks and feels like real handwriting and is perfect for new-name conversion programs and for high-dollar Thank You’s. Until now, this handwriting application has not been cost effective on lower volume daily Thank You letter receipt programs. This powerful technique is enabling our clients to realize a significant lift in both response rate and average gift! Test and see for yourself.


When you see and FEEL our GP product, you'll think you're looking at and touching REAL handwriting.

  • Great for lapsed reactivation and new name conversion
  • Written by an Automated Process
  • Personalized fonts and signatures available
  • Volume discount pricing
  • Unlimited ink colors
  • Looks so authentic you cannot tell the difference
  • Able to be mailed 3rd class for more cost effective campaigns
  • Lower Cost 25 to 50 percent less than real handwriting
  • Increased ROI Results are double or triple that of conventional mail

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